About US



Our Mission

Our mission at Chinook Country is simple. We help ease the burden and stress of tourists and travelers in planning and preparing for holiday trips. We do this by providing them with all the necessary information they need about their travel destination.

Our Vision

Chinook Country is vision-oriented, and our number one vision is to become the number one information plug for tourists and travelers worldwide.

Our Values

At Chinook Country, we believe that information is power. As such, we are COMMITTED and DEDICATED to providing you with accurate, well-researched information about tourism and travel. Our team is a group of HARDWORKING individuals who seek to help tourists and travelers prepare and plan for their trips with ease.

How We Got Here

Chinook Country: Where Tourism Lives

In 2017, James. J. Valdez, Founder of Chinook Country, in a bid to get away from the everyday stressors of life, decided to go on a vacation to one of the exotic, yet calm and relaxing cities of the world. His destination? Venice, Italy. The floating city, as it’s famously dubbed, had interested James for as long as he could remember. So when he finally decided to take time off, there was no better place to do that than the historic La Serenissima.

Like most tourists and travelers, James decided to do a bit of research on his preferred travel destination. He gathered information on famous tourist attractions, sightseeing venues, exotic restaurants, hotels, local festivities, local lifestyles, and relaxation centers across the city. The search was more stressful than initially thought. Here he was, a stranger on the verge of flying off to another country. Yet, finding it extremely difficult to find information that would, at least, help him get acquainted with the culture and clime of one of the most famous cities in the world before his voyage.

It wasn’t that the information he needed wasn’t available. It was that most of the travel and tourist sites that provided information on travel destinations did so in a way that wasn’t comprehensive enough to give him the cultural acquaintance he sought. It bothered James. Was this how it was for other tourists who were planning holiday trips? Was planning a holiday vacation really this tiring and exhausting? This vacation was supposed to be his getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but planning it was further adding to it.

And that’s when it struck him. What if there was a way to make all this information about exotic and historic travel destinations across the world more exhaustive and detailed? Even more exciting for other tourists like himself who were passing through the same stress he’s currently going through? What if there was a way to ease the burden of tourists and travelers by providing them with accurate, well-researched information?

And even more, what if he was the one to provide this information? After all, we’re in the age of the Internet, the age of information. Information about anything shouldn’t be hard to source anymore. Not to talk of even stressing you out as much as this was stressing him, especially when this information had to do with something as beautiful as a holiday trip. And, thus, Chinook Country was born.