Historic Calgary Week Forever Fund

How can you top 25 years of successful Historic Calgary Weeks? Why, only by putting in place a financial plan that will pave the way for this marquee event of Chinook Country Historical Society to continue into the foreseeable future. CCHS has established the Historic Calgary Week Forever Fund, a fund administered by the Calgary Foundation that will provide a significant portion of the annual funding for HCW.

As we plan for HCW 2016, please consider contributing to the HCW Forever Fund. Your participation is essential to provide the financial stability for this key CCHS program in future years. Your contribution can be made directly to the Calgary Foundation for the benefit of the HCW Forever Fund or through Chinook Country Historical Society.

Our objective is to raise at least $50,000 for the Forever Fund. To date a total of just over $25,000 has been raised. This includes a foundational funding contribution of $3,000 from the Historical Society of Alberta and a $6,000 contribution from CCHS. Individuals have contributed the rest. Contributors to the Fund will be given appropriate recognition in CCHS material and on its website. All contributions at or above $25 will be issued an income tax receipt for the full amount.

Recognition for all donations will be highlighted on the CCHS website and in the promotional material for CCHS programs. We have established two sponsorship recognition categories: Pioneer up to $500; Builder $500 and above. Corporate sponsors will be recognized separately.

The Fund is being established to provide a stable base for HCW. Average cost for presenting the 60-plus events of HCW is about $7,000. Donations during HCW provide some $1,000 - $1,500 and the silent auction at the Christmas Luncheon adds about $600 - $750. The remainder has usually been from grants — primarily from different levels of government. With current budgetary pressures on governments and the charitable community, grants are more difficult to secure and often are smaller than in past years.

If we are successful in establishing a $50,000 Fund, we can expect revenue each year of about $2,000. Thus, other sources of funding will be required on an ongoing basis, but the amount required will be reduced. Moreover, if the committee knows that it has a base level of funding, it can proceed with planning that year's Historic Calgary Week.

Your contribution to the Fund would help us ensure the continuation of this important undertaking and would very much be appreciated. Please check out the HCW Forever Fund FAQs on our website for more information and answers to some of the questions you may have. Our website is www.chinookcountry.org and the Calgary Foundation website is www.thecalgaryfoundation.org.

Your donation can be made directly through the Calgary Foundation in the following ways: