FAQs HCW Forever Fund

  1. What is the purpose of the Forever Fund? Chinook Country Historical Society has established the Forever Fund to provide a stable base of funding for Historic Calgary Week for as long as there is a Historic Calgary Week.
  2. Why does Historic Calgary Week need this money? Historic Calgary Week organizes an 11-day program with more than 60 events highlighting Calgary's history. The vast majority of our programs are free to all and while presenters donate their time and some 40 additional volunteers organize and run the events, funds are required for brochure preparation and printing as well as minor expense for promotional materials.
  3. Who will administer the Fund? The fund is being established at The Calgary Foundation.
  4. What is The Calgary Foundation? The Calgary Foundation is a Community Foundation that, in the simplest terms, is a charitable organization dedicated to improving communities in specific geographical areas. Foundations do this by pooling the charitable gifts of donors to create endowment funds and using the investment income to make grants.
  5. How much money will be available for Historic Calgary Week? The Calgary Foundation each year determines the amount of money available. The Foundation board makes the decision after considering the return earned by the Foundation. All funds of this type in the Foundation receive the same percentage in any year. Most recently, it was four percent of the fund principal. Therefore, if a total of $50,000 is raised for the Forever Fund, then Historic Calgary Week would have received $2,000 for its program.
  6. Does Chinook Country have access to the Fund principal? No, once the money is donated to the Historic Calgary Week Forever Fund, it will remain in the control of The Calgary Foundation in perpetuity.
  7. Will I get an income tax receipt? For eligible donations valued at $25 or more, an income tax receipt for the full amount of your donation will be issued either by The Calgary Foundation or by Chinook Country Historical Society, depending on which organization you contribute through.
  8. How can I donate to the Historic Calgary Week Forever Fund? You can donate cash or qualified securities. In either case, the income tax receipt is for the full value of your donation. However, if you donate securities, capital gains tax is eliminated on qualifying securities. You are advised to consult your financial advisor prior to making donations of securities. For cash donations, you may donate directly to the Fund through The Calgary Foundation or through Chinook Country Historical Society for the benefit of the fund. Donations of securities can only be done through The Calgary Foundation.
  9. Can I donate on my credit card? Your donation can be made directly through The Calgary Foundation in the following ways:
  10. How do I contact The Calgary Foundation? The Calgary Foundation website is www.thecalgaryfoundation.org. You can access The Calgary Foundation FAQS at: www.calgaryfoundation.org/donors/donor-faqs. Other contact information for The Calgary Foundation is as follows:

    700, 999 8 Street SW
    Calgary, AB T2R 1J5
    Phone: 403-802-7700
    Email: info@calgaryfoundation.org

  11. What happens if there is no Historic Calgary Week? In the event that Historic Calgary Week no longer exists, then Chinook Country Historical Society may use the grant from the Historic Calgary Week Forever Fund to fund similar events as those currently organized through Historic Calgary Week.
  12. What happens if Chinook Country Historical Society ceases to exist? If that happens and no successor organization is formed within five years with similar goals and objectives under the auspices of the Historical Society of Alberta, then the principal of the Historic Calgary Week Forever Fund shall be redefined as a "Designated Fund" and The Calgary Foundation shall determine how the income from the Fund is redirected to an organization with a similar mission.
  13. Where can I get more information on The Calgary Foundation? Please go the Foundation's website, www.thecalgaryfoundation.org.