What To Pack When You Go With Friends On A BBQ Trip

It is essential to be prepared for any situation when going with friends. One of the most common situations you might encounter as a group, especially your first time, is cooking and grilling out at someone’s house or apartment. You should always bring some things to make this experience go smoothly and enjoyable.

1) A folding chair: If there isn’t enough room around the grill, then it can get uncomfortable trying to sit on anything other than the ground (especially if it’s cold). It will also help keep your clothes clean by not having them touch the dirty ground every time you stand up from sitting down.

2) An extra shirt: The more people involved in cooking and eating, the more likely something will spill, or you’ll accidentally get grease on your clothes. Again, it will be helpful to change into a clean shirt when you’re done because there may not be any extra towels to wipe your hands with.

3) Condiments: This is probably the most important thing because it’s what makes everything taste good. Without them, there would be no hamburgers or hot dogs, which are staples of a successful BBQ. Make sure you bring your favorite ketchup and mustard along with other types if you like to experiment.

4) Utensils: It’s always a good idea to have extra utensils just in case someone forgets or loses theirs. This way, there won’t be any arguments over who gets to use the tongs or the grill brush.

5) Plates, cups, and napkins are essential for picnic-style seating. Again, it’s important to bring extras if somebody forgets or loses them. It’s also a good idea to pack a small garbage bag so that you can clean up any messes made while eating.

6) A cooler: This is necessary for keeping food cold and drinks cold. Make sure to pack plenty of ice so that everything stays cool and doesn’t spoil. Things like beer and soda also need to be kept cold to prevent them from becoming watered down. It is always a good idea to pack water bottles or some sports drink because the whole point of going on a BBQ is to help you socialize after spending all week getting your work done (or maybe not).

7) Food: This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s always a good idea to bring some of your favorite foods to grill out. Something like hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken are always a hit, but you can also try something more adventurous if you’re feeling daring. Just make sure that everything is either pre-cooked or doesn’t need a lot of preparation so that you can spend more time enjoying yourself and less time in the kitchen.

8) An umbrella: This is a good idea if the forecast calls for rain or if there’s a chance that the sun might go down while you’re still eating. It will help keep everyone dry and provide some shade so that food doesn’t take as long to cool down after it’s been cooked.

9) A lighter: This is a must-have for those grilling instead of someone else. Without one, you might find yourself waiting a very long time for your meat to cook and wind up with a burnt piece by the end.

10) A griller: This is for those who will be doing the grilling, but it’s nothing to take lightly. Picking the right grill designed specifically for professionals who need a high-volume cooker can be the difference between a good and bad BBQ. Kamado grills are a popular choice for this type of event and they offer even heat distribution. Suppose you want to grill meat, a Kamado or Traeger grill will help you cook it evenly without flare-ups or hot spots.


It’s easy to forget about the little things when planning a BBQ, but these are some of the most critical ingredients for any successful event. If your guests have anything less than an enjoyable time because they were missing something or had to wait too long for their food, it can be not easy to get them back on board with coming again next year. So make sure that you consider all of this before you decide what type of dish to cook and what games to bring along with everything else that goes into planning a successful BBQ trip.