Travel Itinerary Guide: What to Include in Your Chinook Country Itinerary

Chinooks are dry, warm, gusty, westerly winds that blow down the Rocky Mountains into the western prairies and eastern slopes of mountains.

A chinook day occurs once every three days in winter in Alberta’s southwestern areas. In the northeast areas, it occurs once every 5 days.

The hot Chinook winds blow in winter, raising temperatures within a short time period. As a result, snow melts, making pasture land for grazing animals available. The Chinook Country receives the most sunshine in Canada; it receives 333 days of sunshine annually, translating to 2405 hours.

Calgary was ranked 5th by the Economist as the world’s most livable city, making Chinook Country a perfect destination for tourists. The city earned top marks for healthcare, stability, and education for seven consecutive years.

Chinook Country is a must-visit for several reasons and the many perks it has to offer. Canadians are nice and friendly, making Calgary popular among world travelers. The current exchange rate favors American travelers, meaning you’ll have more money to spend on your vacation or trip.

Located near the sensational Canadian Rockies, the Chinook Country is sun-soaked for lots of outdoor fun. The Canadian Rockies feature turquoise lakes and magnificent towering peaks with remarkable beauty. It’s also home to national parks, caves, a ranch, and a basin.

You’ll enjoy hiking and other fun outdoor adventures in the Canadian Rockies. Explore it through the Rocky Mountaineer. The Canmore Mountain Market sells everything you’ll need to fuel up your body for more adventures. Healthy foods range from vegetables to roasted yams.

When planning a trip to the Chinook Country, you need a viable itinerary with all the activities you’d love to do and places to visit. Here’re some fun things to include in your travel itinerary to Canada’s sunniest city:

5 Great Activities and Places to Include in Your Chinook Country Itinerary


The impressive bike path networks that traverse parks and streets in Downtown and Calgary’s uber-flat landscape make it ideal for cycling. Home to North America’s longest urban pathway, you’ll want to cycle while visiting the Chinook Country.

With an extensive biking map and all the required cycling gear, you’ll be ready to cycle along your preferred paths. Rental companies such as Nomad lease paddleboards, helmets, travel boxes, and other accessories to make cycling memorable.

Some interesting sights to view while cycling includes:


  • Arts Commons
  • Olympic Plaza – built for the Winter
  • Games in the 1988 Olympics
  • The Fort Calgary birthplace
  • Islands and parks
  • Statues that honor the “Famous Five” suffragettes
  • Hub of boutiques
  • Beautiful neighborhoods such as
  • Inglewood
  • Juice bars
  • Hipster hangouts
  • Popular TV series shooting locations for “Fargo”

Amazing food and drinks

Chinook Country is home to vegan-friendly cafes, juice bars, and vegetable-facing eateries that serve more than just steak and potatoes. The eateries keep meals light, fresh and seasonal to suit your taste buds.

Ranging from colonial Vietnamese foods in restaurants such as Foreign Concept to wine lists and Euro-feel venues such as Bar Von Der Fels, there’s something for everyone. Look out for healthy veggies to tasty and special flavors at different restaurants or cafes.

The historic Deane House and Ten Foot Henry serve amazing tapestries and vegetable-based menus, respectively. The chocolate avocado torte never disappoints. The proof is a perfect culinary destination for great beverages prepared for health and wellness.

Cafes, restaurants, and other eateries in Chinook Country are known to use top-quality ingredients to prepare tasty beverages and cocktails. This truer for the water used in beverage preparation. They use premier brands of water softeners to soften well water.

With a choice of good water softeners, your preferred eatery becomes an innovator of good products you’ll enjoy consuming. Make sure that your restaurant uses salt-free water softeners for great-tasting beverages.

Abundance of Green Spaces

Chinook Country is home to lots of gardens and public parks. Surf or paddle on Bow River or cycle along with it to Prince Island Park across the Peace Bridge. The park houses Canadian geese, River Café, rabbits, beavers, ducks, muskrats, and coyotes. It covers up to 49 acres of green land.

St. Patrick’s Island lies between the East Village and Calgary Zoo, covering up to 31 acres of green spaces. It features the following:

  • A fishing cove
  • A playground
  • A boardwalk over naturalized wetlands
  • Wooden pathways
  • An amphitheater for watching alfresco movies in summer

Luxury lodgings

Calgary is home to many luxury lodgings such as Le Germain Hotel that offer top-notch services and stylish settings in the boutique hotel concept. They provide a plush urban oasis and unmatched, detailed services.

The lodgings give access to:


  • Luxury cars
  • Spacious rooms
  • Dreamy rain showers
  • Local modern art
  • Deluxe continental breakfasts
  • 24/7 gyms with outdoor views
  • Nightly turn-down service
  • Goose down duvets

Thriving arts and the East Village

The East Village is a retail hub. It has been renovated to feature hotels and innovative condo projects. The neighborhood houses the Simmons Building, a hangout that was initially a mattress factory, and the ultra-modern New Central Library.

Space also has Charbar, Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, and Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters for unique culinary experiences.

Wonderland is an amazing work of art, comprising of colored squirrel figures and a giant mesh head sculpture. You can also visit Beneath Studio Bell, a vibrant retail park that recently popped up in the East Village Junction.


Other things to include in your itinerary include Stampede, motorcycle tours, Cowboy Trail, indigenous culture, and interactive tours of Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary. Whatever you include in your Chinook Country itinerary, you’ll be in for lots of adventures and memorable fun.