5 Tips to Protect Yourself During Your Vacation Abroad

Holidays are an exciting time, not just to stay away from the daily stress of work, but an opportunity to explore new vacation destinations. It’s easy to get carried away with the excitement of going somewhere new, especially if it’s your first time going there.

Before traveling to a new, unknown environment, make adequate arrangements for your safety. Use the tips provided here to guide you while preparing for your vacation.

1. Do Adequate Research

Nothing beats the information at your disposal. Get all the information you can about your travel destination, and use the information to help safeguard yourself.

Read travel reviews by other travelers, get in touch with people on the ground, connect with locals via social media, ask questions about safe neighborhoods. Information you gather from your research would help you determine what hotel to lodge.

Additional resources like travel advisories from the government can further enhance your confidence in the safety of your intended destination.

2. Keep Your Eye on Your Belongings

Having your luggage mixed up at the airport is very easy. Criminals might take advantage of such situations to make away with your belongings. Have your bags in sight all the time, until you safely lodge in your hotel.

Be careful with transportation, and ensures it’s the city cab you’re joining. Ask questions about how to identify an official taxi and don’t share the same local cab with strangers. If you’re driving, keep your doors locked and windows wound up at all times.

If criminals identify you’re new to the city, they can go to any length to steal from you. Do everything within your powers to prevent any attacks on you.

3. Consider Hotels with Extra Safty Measures

Even the hostels considered safe can be prone to some form of security risk. Check into a hotel with some extra security measures to protect you against potential threats.

Simple measures like using protectors for windows will further improve your safety. Management must invest in quality material and equipment like tig welders, to ensure the effectiveness of the job. The quality of materials used does matter. They affect the efficacy of the protectors. You deserve the best safety measures to bang for your buck.

A few extra safety tips like leaving hotel rooms unnumbered and using swipe cards will help reduce the possibility of bad guys identifying and stealing from you in a situation you misplace your room’s swipe card.

4. Increase Personal Safety Measures

Get contact details of embassies, emergency response teams, and security agencies, and keep them handy always. Find out the locations of your nearest hospital and police station. You’re not expecting an emergency, but it’s safe to have such details with you for when you might need to use them.

Never make it visible you’re not in your room. Use do not disturb signs on your door when you’re out. If you have to meet a new business partner, the hotel lobby is a safe venue. Don’t have strangers coming up to your room.

There’s no need to move around with vital documents like your visa, keep them in your room, and reduce the chance of losing them. Consider having scanned copies and photocopies of such relevant documents in case you lose them.

Before leaving your room, ensure stuff like your laptop and other essential things are locked away in a safe. Management can provide a stand-alone room safe that’ll give you sufficient storage space. It’s easy to build the right room safe using the most appropriate welding materials.

5. Don’t Lose Your Digital Security

Anyone can get carried away with seemingly easy and free access to the internet. But don’t let this fool you into losing personal and vital information like your debit or credit card details, or having hackers plant spyware programs on any of your devices.

Don’t just connect to any public Wi-Fi you find. It could land you into avoidable problems. Ensure any network you link to is trusted and secure. Consider setting up a personal VPN for your internet access and always connect to the internet securely.


Going on vacation is an enjoyable experience. You have the opportunity to explore new cultures and see different parts of the world. Take precautionary measures to ensure this exciting experience doesn’t turn a security risk for you.