Travel and Leisure: A Travel Guide to Spain

A Travel Guide to Spain

Spain is one of the most toured places on earth. Avid, chic, and ardent about making the best of experiences

Spain is both a marque come to life, a country with varied lifestyle choices, outstanding coastlines, infinite cultural carnivals, and legendary nightlife. From Barcelona, Bilbao, Betis, Malaga, and Madrid, it’s an energetic nation. Famous for the flamenco, fiestas, and siestas, it is also known for its beautiful landscapes, good food, music, bullfighting, and hospitable citizens.

If you’re visiting for the first time, this is a travel guide for Spain to help you strategize for your trip. Continue reading for language tips, top destinations, and other essential travel tips, with other things you need to know about Spain.


Spaniards are passionate about wine and food—experience a feel of Spanish cooking with old age recipes, and variety. Their culinary effect is sure to be the highlight of your trip there.

Art and Culture

Visit Spain to witness history. Tour Spain to see cathedrals, roman ruins, and Islamic architecture to relive the rise and fall of civilizations.  Witness history and get in touch with your creative spirit with works of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Antoni Gaudi, and others. Its ancient monuments exist alongside modern architecture, providing fraternization between the past and future.


You’ve probably heard of the fiesta or festival. For most of their history, the fiesta is perhaps the word most associated with Spain. According to them, our existence is a fiesta that is synonymous with energy excitement, and sparkle. You will feel this on a crowded street at night while the flamenco dancer uses rhythm to reach your soul. And you will finally feel the Spanish life force.

Destination Places

Some favorite places for tourists include Ávila, Barcelona, Seville, Cadiz, Canary, Islands, Cordoba, and Granada. Other include Malaga, Madrid, Pamplona, Valencia, Merida, and Segovia.

Spain is beautiful all year round. An excellent time to visit Spain is from September to November. It is also easy to get tickets and fly there. Plan your visit towards the end of the year to taste new wine at the Ribera, Rioja, and behold the beautiful color of autumn leaves. Another perfect period to tour Spain from April to August for the weather.


Spain’s landscapes are a sight to behold. The Picos de Europa and the Pyrenees compete favorably with other mountain ranges in Europe. The Andalusia plains provide an excellent hiking experience, and the snow-tipped Sierra Nevada produces feelings of passion on the mind. You will also find villages nesting on hilltops, valleys, and coastal plains. That’s where the country’s allures will take hold of you.

Spanish Weather Consists Of:

  • Calm/Clear (September & October, March-May)
  • Warm/Dry (June-August)
  • Chilly/Rainy (November-February)


Spain’s official language is Spanish, but many Spaniards speak English, including Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, and Malaga. In the interior, you will find more people speaking local tongues like Andaluz and Catalan. Learn a few Spanish words and phrases and use them with their citizens; they will warm up.

Currency: Euro

ATMs and Credit Cards:

there are many ATMs in Spain, but if you are going off-road, it’s best to carry enough cash with you. Besides most machines, shops and restaurants accept Visa and Mastercards

Electric Plugs:

230V AC volt electricity. Power outlets support two-prong round type F and C sockets. We advise buying a (Surge-protected) universal travel adaptor for your gadgets and a converter for tools.


With a low crime rate, Spain is relatively safe. However, be aware of scammers and pickpockets in congested places frequented by tourists like Barcelona and Madrid. We recommend purchasing travel insurance before you go.

Visa Requirements

For EU and Non-EU citizens, Visas are not obligatory for visits up to 90 days. Nevertheless, residents from EU nations who aren’t signatory to the Schengen agreement and non-EU citizens will need a Schengen visa to enter Spain.

If you’re staying longer in Spain for specific reasons, you have to apply for a work, student, and residency visa, which is challenging. Study this thoroughly while you plan your visit since laws are continuously shifting.

Be vigilant, don’t commit a crime, safeguard your belongings, and you’ll be alright. 


The Spanish transportation system has well-designed and connected through high-speed rail. If you want to see the sights and move around and visit central locales in Spain, we recommend renting a car. Besides, car rental is affordable.

Budget/ Financial Plan

It’s not easy to decipher a budget since Spain has different means of transport. However, transportation is inexpensive, and food is comparatively cheap if you dine at restaurants. It’s also possible to move around for a day on a budget of $50-$80. But this is dependent on your lodging.

What to Pack

Pack summer clothes for summertime. However, it’s advisable to extra clothing layers if you are touring the mountainous areas and the cold. Take a durable backpack, sturdy shoes, a cardigan, sandals, scarves, and a water bottle. Lastly, align your clothes with the supposed weather you expect to experience.

Spanish Cuisine

Spain has incredible Mediterranean food with tasty tapas, seafood, sangria. Some of their popular dishes include tortilla española, paella, tapas, crema Catalana, and Jamon Iberico.

Lodging in Spain

There are several cheap choices for lodging in Spain. Shelters in Spain exist as hostels, luxury villas, luxury hotels, and Airbnb, dorms, and camping. Book in advance if you are traveling during the holiday period. It also helps you know if hotels expect you to pay for certain services like your choice of water and food. If you’re intolerant of hard water or certain foods, be sure to make it known to the attendants, they’ll do all they can to help.

There is also a fanciful diversity from the language, peoples, food, geography, and culture all over Spain. Use the tips above to plan your trip to Spain. We promise a fantastic new experience every time you go to Spain.  It will always find beautiful ways to amaze and excite you.